About Locally Orange


We are excited to announce that the Mimosa Walk of Abilene has expanded their services to include a new online platform called Locally Orange!

Mimosa Walk Abilene is already known for supporting and promoting local businesses in Abilene, TX through their annual event, and now they are taking their mission to the next level.

Locally Orange is a new online platform that is a branch off of Mimosa Walk Abilene, designed to provide an even more convenient way for customers to support local businesses in the area.

Soon with an easy-to-use map feature, customers can easily find and discover new local businesses, as well as explore the products and services they have to offer.

As a part of the Mimosa Walk of Abilene family, Locally Orange is dedicated to promoting and supporting the local community of entrepreneurs and business owners in Abilene, TX. By shopping locally with Locally Orange, customers can enjoy exclusive deals and offers from their favorite local businesses, all while supporting their community and helping it thrive.

So, whether you're a long-time resident of Abilene, TX or just visiting for the first time, we invite you to join our community today and start shopping locally with ease, thanks to the Mimosa Walk of Abilene and our new branch, Locally Orange!